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Iosco County

Final Unofficial Results

Governor Votes  
Tudor Dixon (R) 1395  
Ryan Kelly (R) 887  
Ralph Rebandt (R) 159  
Kevin Rinke (R) 1103  
Garrett Saldano (R) 700  

(The following total with 85% of the vote counted.)

Tudor Dixon (R): Leading

99th District State Rep. Votes  
Mike Hoadley (R) 2853  
Alan Hover (R) 199  
Earl Lackie (R) 248  
Shawn Petri (R) 781  
District includes: Arenac, Bay, Clare, Iosco, Gladwin, Ogemaw Counties. The following are totals with 99% of the vote counted.    
Mike Hoadley (R) 8,360  
Alan Hover (R) 748  
Earl Lackie (R) 727  
Shawn Petri (R) 4,643  
County Commissioner District #1 Votes  
Robert Huebel (R) 512  
Jeffrey Linderman (R) 353  
County Commissioner District #2 Votes  
Terry Dutcher (R) 304  
Mark Miller (R) 224  
County Commissioner District #4 Votes  
Brian Loeffler (R) 533  
James Miner (R) 364  
County Commissioner District #5 Votes  
David Chandler 389  
Donald Jay O'Farrell (R) 489  
County Wide Issues    
Millage Proposals Yes  No 
Iosco/Arenac District Library Millage Renewal 4217 2258
Animal Control Millage 4425 2262
Commission On Aging  Millage Renewal 5110 1594
Emergency Medical Services Millage Increase 4382 2297
Operating Tax Levy Millage Proposal 3089 3526
Veterans Services Millage 4876 1610
Township Races & Proposals    
  Yes No
Baldwin Township Road Millage Renewal 337 162
  Yes No
Burleigh Township Fire Protection Millage 112 28
Grant Township Supervisor    
Terry Beardsley (R) 125  
Ron Quinkert Sr. (R) 93  
Todd Torrey (R) 172  
Oscoda Township Convention Delegat (Top 2) Votes  

Paul Rekowski (R)

Deborah Sutton (R) 97  
Joshua Sutton (R) 111  
Plainfield Township Medical First Responder Millage Yes No
  816 226
Plainfield Township Fire Millage Renewal Yes No
  811 205
Reno Township Fire Protection Millage Yes No
  108 21
Tawas Township Fire Millage Renewal Yes No
  298 156
Tawas Township Road Millage Renewal Yes No
  274 171
Hale Area Schools Operating Millage Yes No
  711 376
East Tawas Mosquito Control Millage Renewal Yes No
  667 115
Whittemore Fire Protection Millage Yes No
  47 16


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