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The Toledo War: When Michigan and Ohio nearly came to blows!  Michigan and ohio are now famous for their college rivalry, but in 1835, the two states nearly went to war over a strip of land containing the modern day city of Toledo!  Come to the Iosco County Historical Society presentation "The Toledo War of 1835" on August 21st, 2019 at 6:30pm at Rushman Hall, 821 Newman Street, East Tawas, Mi.  Joe Oldenburg, Michigan History instructor at Oakland Community College will talk about this conflict between Michigan and Ohio and why Ohio ended up with Toledo! Also, what the State of Michigan got out of the deal!  The lecture is part of the 2019 Lugene Daniels Lecture Series.





405 W Bay St
East Tawas, Michigan
Call (989) 362-8911







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