Grills Gone Wild





Contest Starts: Oct. 14 First grill or smoker will be awarded on Fridays of each week during the contest. Oct. 18        Oct. 25        Nov. 1         Nov. 8


(8) Weber Q1200 grills & (8) propane smokers (4 for Hits FM & 4 for WKJC) from Northwoods Wholesale Outlet in Pinconning!

Listeners listen for the cue to call in at 1-800-585-3515, (weekdays, Mon – Fri, between 6 AM – 10 AM).  The first 3 people to call and get through will have their names entered into the Friday drawing.

- 24 listeners will be chosen each week, 12 per station to be entered into the drawing.

- 2 names per station, will be drawn each Friday during the contest and will win either a grill or smoker during the 9 AM hour.



To participate in the Grills Gone Wild contest, weekdays (Mon – Fri) during the Contest period, listeners must tune into Hits FM 94.9 FM/103.3 FM or WKJC 104.7 FM and listen for the “cue to call” in Monday-Thurs. 6 AM – 10 AM. When you hear the “cue,” be the first 3 callers to get through to the station at 989-362-3417 to qualify for the weekly prize drawing on Friday, upon confirmation of eligibility. A total of 12 listeners (6 per station) will qualify to win and 4 listeners will win the weekly prize (2) per station.


Must be 18 years old and up to enter/win.


All prizes must be picked up at Northwoods Wholesale Outlet in Pinconning within 30 days.  Tina from Northwoods Wholesale Outlet will contact you about details before picking up.  Winners are not to go to Northwoods until after they are contacted by Tina.







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