WKJC Station Bulletin

Teri Cline is our 2019 Mom!  Terra Whiteman of Tawas City. Picture: Since birth my mother, Teri Cline has always been by my side. This picture is us waiting for the shuttle in Detroit going back and forth to appts. I was born with a heart condition and after 3 heart attacks, living off L Vad machine for 2 and half years. On 4-11-18 I finally got my heart transplant. My mom is always there talking care of me. Either running to appts, sitting at house being my support person. She had to quit her job to take care of me. I really think she deserves an awesome mother's day gift. I love you Mom with all my heart.   Congratulations to Terra and daughter Teri!  Carroll Broadcasting is so happy that you won!  Here is a look at some great prizes:  Here is also a link to all our pictures:









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