Bow Season      
Name From Bagged Buck In PTs
Drew Hatcher Tawas City Iosco County 9pts
Abbie Cadorette Tawas City Tawas 11pt
Cody Jordan Tawas City Mikado 8pt
Marc Lafayette Tawas City Iosco County 8pts
Jenifer Beauchamp Oscoda Iosco County 8pts
Jace Knoblock Harbor Beach Harbor Beach 6pts
Bill Glaza Ubly Sanilac County 8pts
Erik Mccausey Oscoda Oscoda 8pts
Don Almy Oscoda Alcona County 8pts
Melissa Perrin Whittemore Iosco County 7pts
Wes Chrivia Hale Sherman Township 8pts
Paul Gehring Harbor Beach Harbor Beach 9pts
Mike King Oscoda Chillicothe, Ohio 8pts
Norman Kato Pinconning Pinconning 4pts
Matt Howard AuGres Turner 8pts
Dave Sisco West Branch West Branch 8pts
Ken Douglas East Tawas East Tawas 7pts
Steve Wolf South Branch Maltby Hills 10pts
Rick Thompson Tawas City Huron Forest 9pts
Tim Histed Lupton South Branch 7pts
Alexandra Fleming Kinde Kinde 8pts
Gary Kaiser West Branch West Branch 8pts
Eric Griggs Mikado Mikado 8pts
Mike Pichla Ubly Hale 9pts
Makenzie Nearman Midland Tawas Spike
Randy Norling South Branch West Branch 8pts
Walter Callard National City National City Spike
Emily Collier Essexville AuGres 9pts
Amanda Hartman Standish Gladwin 2pts
Steve Krantz Hale Iosco County 8pts
Michelle Krantz Hale Iosco County 8pts
Lance Thompson Oscoda Ausable Twp. 6pts
Abbie Cadorette Tawas City Tawas City 8pts
Irving Hamilton Lewiston Greenwood Twp. 8 pts
John Freehling AuGres Arenac County 10pts
Dan Kubisiak East Tawas East Tawas 10pts
Jillian Heemer East Tawas Tawas City 4 pts
Tood Histed Munger South Branch 8pts
Roy Pipish Whittemore Turner 8pts
Tom Histed Saginaw Lupton 7pts
Dan Ferchak Harrisville Harrisville 5pts
Kevin Kinney East Tawas Turner Spike
Rifle Season      
Name From Bagged Buck In PT's
Roy Rifenbark Barton City Alcona County 9pts
Keith Edmonds AuGres AuGres 8pts
Bob Sheehan Whittemore Alabaster Twp. 7pts
Aaron Hall Ypsilanti Whittemore 8pt
Jerry Currie II Turner Turner 7pts
JD Hock Oscoda Oscoda 4pts
Ryan Polega Bad Axe Bad Axe 8pts
Evan Caverly Hale Plainfield Twp. 6pts
Jim Sheehan Prescott Alabaster 6pts
Robert Arquette Sterling Bay County 10pts
Steve Blust Nationsl City Sherman Twp. 8pts
Michael Walker Harrisville Harrisville 7pts
Brad King East Tawas Alabaster 6pts
Sarah Smith Wset Branch Ogemaw County 8pts
Jon Look Tawas city Tawas City 7pts
John Lesneski Tawas City Tawas City 10pts
Shawn Ferguson South Branch Sand Lake 8pts
Edwin Barnum South Branch Alcona County 8pts
Kevin Smith East Tawas Wilber 4pts
D'Anne Youngs East Tawas Turner 4pts
Lucas Tierney West Branch West Branch 10pts
Derek Barshaw Sterling Sterling 8pts
Jerry Tracey Alpena Montmorency County 8pts
Aaron Hall Ypsianti Whittemore 4pts
Ken Whiteford Tawas City Tawas Twp. 6pts
Jeff Barrett Harrisville Harrisville 7pts
Michelle Heemer East Tawas East Tawas 8pts
Luke Gehring Harbor Beach Huron County 8pts
James T Johnroe Tawas City Tawas 8pts
Beth Bennett Tawas City Tawas City 5pts
Justin Sheehan Prescott Alabaster 9pts
James Geyer Whittemore Reno Twp. 6pts
Norman Lendzion Byron Wilber Twp. 8 & 6pts
Micah Jordan East Tawas Baldwin Twp. 6pts
Dave Miller Cass City Huron County 7pts
Jason Davis Kalamazoo Kalamazoo 13 & 11pts
Bob Roulo East Tawas Wilber Twp. 8pts
Joshua Johnson Hale Reno Twp. 7pts
Ken Kahila Oscoda Greenbush 9pts
Brian Whitford Tawas City Tawas City 8pts
Parker Thompson Oscoda Oscoda 9pts
Don Hester Tawas City Wilber Twp. 5pts
Brian Hauff Tawas City Tawas City 8pts
Dan Ferchak Harrisville Harrisville 7pts
Courtney Ferchak Harrisville Harrisville 5pts
Jerry Hall Glennie Glennie 10pts
Aaron Hall Ypsilanti Whittemore 4pts
Alan Seiferlein East Tawas East Tawas 7 & 8pts
Jake Morley Twining Arenac County 8
Bill Cholger Tawas City Iosco County 9pts
Dave Stout Prescott Iosco County 7pts
Matthew Sanford Hale Ogemaw County 8pts
Glenn Belyea Harrisville Harrisville 8pts
Richard Doak Tawas City Baldwin Twp. 7pts
Patrick Myers Hale Plainfield Twp. 6pts
Kirk London Tawas Glennie 8pts
Rich Michalak Tawas City Illinois 8pts
Michelle Eno Hale Ogemaw County 10pts
Stepanie Lorenz Tawas City Tawas City 6pts
Barb King-DesShano Bay City Arenac County 8pts
Eric Hendrickson Hale Hale 7pts
Nathan Smedley Tawas City Tawas City 7pts
Stacey Franklin Oscoda Ausable Twp. 6pts
Alyssa Groff Tawas City Wilber Twp. 5pts
Marcie Mitchell Lakeville Hale 8pts
Tracie Busscher Alpean Alpena County 8pts
Scott Brubaker East Tawas Iosco County 9pts
Ryan Ostrander Whittemore Whittemore 5pts
Rory Franklin Oscoda Ausable Twp. 6pts
Autumn Whitford East Tawas Tawas City Doe
Donald O;Conner Hale Whittemore 6pts
Tom Histed Munger South Branch 8pts
Bryan Krammer Bay City Alabaster Spike
Pan Crainer Whittemore Whittemore 9pts
Edgar Osborne Prescott Prescott 7pts
Josh Alderman Harrisville Lincoln 8pts
Paula Shaw Whittemore Whittemore 8pts
Joseph Eberline Greenbush Alcona County 9pts
Tony Brewer Mt. Morris Alcona County 6pts
Paul Lange Dryden Ogemaw County 7pts
Ed Crainer Whittemore Whittemore 7pts
Charlie Quarters Tawas City South Branch 10pts
Dave Bittel Cadillac Maltby Hills 8pts
Charles Skiba AuGres Nopawin 11pts
LeRoy Badour AuGres Arenac County Spike
Mark Werda Alpena Alpena County 8pts
David Pelland Greenbush Greenbush 6pts
Cheri Cunningham Linwood Owen Kentucky 8pts
Tom Alden AuGres AuGres 7pts
Joe Hock Oscoda Oscoda Doe
Michelle Heemer East Tawas Tawas 6pts
Tony Guza Ubly Ubly 8pts
Richard Krumm Tawas City TawasAlcona County 6pts
Tony Brewer Morris Alcona County 6pts
Tim Schirmer East Tawas Sherman Twp. 8pts



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