The Old Way Crafted to Modern Day

At Modern Craft Winery, our passion is wine. And, our patrons especially love our grape, fruit and mead wines!


What makes our wines unique? We craft small vats of individual, distinctly different wines using a process that blends old and new techniques. The resulting tastes are so remarkable that we have patented our own wine-making process.


We are so proud that our wines are being enjoyed with good food, friends and family. Whether it’s celebrating memories or making new ones, Modern Craft Winery invites you to discover our remarkable array of wines.


We invite you to a pleasurable visit at any one of our Modern Craft Winery "Tasting Rooms" for a truly special experience and to taste for yourself. We think you, too, will join our growing family of valued appreciated patrons.


Modern Craft Winery . . . “We make wines that are unique, simple and loved”.


2760 East Booth Rd

Au Gres, MI 48703


Monday - Saturday 11am. -8pm.

Sunday Noon - 8pm.


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"Always in our Heart! "