OGEMAW COUNTY FAIR AMATEUR CONTEST RULES 2013    (the youth catagory, under 17 is closed)








1. There is no age limit to enter any contest on WKJC unless otherwise specified during the contest either verbally or in written form. No purchase necessary. One prize per person / household only. Entrants must be amateur status only. No lyrical (voice-over) music allowed, all background accompaniments must be instrumental only. Winners of all contests must sign a release form acknowledging that they have read and understand the contest rules and that they are eligible under the contest rules to receive the prize. All prizes must be picked up at the WKJC studios within 2 weeks unless other arrangements are made with WKJC’s approval, or the winner forfeits the prize. All winners will be required to come to the WKJC studios to sign off on all paper work prior to receipt of prize.

2. Employees of Carroll Broadcasting, all organizations providing prizes, any other radio station in Carroll Broadcasting, their participating sponsors, their agencies, and their immediate families are ineligible to participate. WKJC reserves the right to disqualify any contestant if contest rules are not followed, contestant is found ineligible, or contestant has engaged in fraudulent behavior.

3. By participating, all entrants acknowledge and agree that they have entered the contest of their own free will, that the full rules and details of the contest have been made available to them in writing and they therefore understand and agree that neither WKJC, Carroll Broadcasting, all organizations providing prizes, their participating sponsors, their agencies, and their immediate families, or their agents, affiliates, sponsors, representatives, or employees have any liability with respect to the contestants’ participation in the contest or winning a prize and are not liable for any damages out of acceptance and use of a prize, including liability for personal injury and/or death. By entering into this promotion participants agree to be bound by these rules and the decision of the sponsoring station, which are binding in all respects.


4. All contestants acknowledge as a condition of entry that WKJC, Carroll Broadcasting, all organizations providing prizes, and their participating sponsors have the right to publicize and broadcast his/her name, character, likeness, voice or all matters incidental herein.



5. All prizes are non-transferable for other prizes or to other persons, and not redeemable for cash. Sponsors reserve the right to substitute prizes of equal or greater value. Any prize valued at $600 or more will require the winner to fill out a W-9 tax form prior to receipt of the prize and the winner will be responsible for paying any taxes associated with the prize. Winners will be required to furnish their Social Security number for tax reporting purposes.


6. Sweepstakes and contest are open to U.S. residents only. Void where prohibited by law. Any specific rule and/or addendum are available at the WKJC studios. Additional rules may be added by WKJC at its discretion, so long as the rule change is announced and not implemented until the day following the announcement. No more than one prize per household within a 30-day period. Any contestant winning a prize or accumulation of prizes valued at over $600 may not win another prize valued at $600 or more from WKJC for 12 months following the winning of the original prize. In the event a contestant does win a second prize, they keep the original prize but additional prizes will be forfeited. WKJC decisions in selecting winners are final and incontestable.


7. These rules are broad in nature and all contestants and winners should be aware that WKJC reserves the right to establish contest rules that are specific to a particular contest. In case of conflicting contest rules, the rules of the specific contest shall take precedence.


8. WKJC is not responsible for illegible, late, lost, or misdirected entries or for any telecommunications malfunction including but not limited to any local or national telephone service provider, cellular phone company, or internet access provider including WKJC internal telephone and internet systems.


9. If a contest is related to or in conjunction with a casino or any gambling vessel the winner must be at least 21 years of age.


10.  Song must be under 3 minutes.  If songs go longer, the contestant will be disqualified.


(the youth catagory, under 17 is closed)


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Click here to download Contest Rules & Form.


Please send signed contest rules & agreement form to: WKJC PO Box 549, Tawas City Michigan 48764. Form must be sent in for your registration to be complete!

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