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Metropolitan Police Department(WASHINGTON) -- A newly unsealed arrest affidavit concludes that the quadruple murder inside a DC mansion "required the presence and assistance of more than one person," authorities said.

Only one suspect in the murder and ensuing fire has been named publicly.

Daron Wint, 34, was arrested Thursday at 11 p.m. on Rhode Island Avenue in Northeast Washington, DC Metropolitan Police said. He is charged with first degree felony murder while armed. Members of the Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force made the arrest. He was arraigned Friday afternoon.

Wint was named by Metropolitan Police as the suspect in the murders after his DNA was found on the crust of a Domino's pizza that had been delivered to the house, authorities said.

The court documents, meanwhile, describe the charred scene that firefighters responded to on the afternoon of May 14. Firefighters found three unconscious adults in one of the second floor bedrooms, but they found a fourth victim in an adjacent bedroom where the blaze was largely contained, according to the affidavit.

That fourth body was that of 10-year-old Phillip Savopoulos. The medical examiner later determined that the child's cause of death was thermal and sharp force injuries.

The affidavit states that Phillip Savopoulos "was located on the charred remains/mattress spring of a queen sized bed."

There were signs at the scene that the fire was set purposefully and the suspects had planned for it to spread further than it had.

Firefighters found "the presence of an ignitable liquid on the stairs and in the room in which the three adults were located. Several matches and a matchbox were found at the top of the stairs," the affidavit states.

His parents Savvas and Amy Savopoulos were both pronounced dead on the scene. Their housekeeper Verlicia Figueroa, who was found in the same bedroom as the couple, was transported to Georgetown University Hospital though "lifesaving efforts failed and Mrs. Figueroa was pronounced dead," the report states.

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Courtesy of Omahas Mayor Office(OMAHA, Neb.) -- The chilling audio recorded in moments after an Omaha police officer was shot in the line of duty this week has been released, and it reveals the frantic efforts to get help for the mortally wounded cop.

Officer Kerrie Orozco, 29, was shot in the chest just above her bullet proof vest on Wednesday while serving a felony warrant and later died from her injuries at Creighton University Medical Center, police said.

"Help an officer! Help an officer!" someone can be heard yelling on the recording of the exchange between officers at the scene and dispatch. The dispatcher then warns other officers the scene wasn’t yet secure.

Orozco was set to go on maternity leave the next day to take care of her newborn daughter, Olivia Ruth, who was born premature and set to be released from the neonatal intensive care unit, authorities told ABC News. Orozco was back to work the week after giving birth to Olivia on Feb. 17, according to officials.

The audio was released by Mean Streets Omaha, a citizen's group that live-tweets police radio calls in Omaha. The Omaha Police Department did not immediately confirm the authenticity of the recordings to ABC News.

Orozco and two other officers were in pursuit of 26-year-old Marcus D. Wheeler on Wednesday afternoon near 30th Street and Martin Avenue, police said. He was wanted on a felony warrant for first-degree assault from a September 2014 shooting.

When Orozco and another officer pulled up to Wheeler in an unmarked car with lights flashing, Wheeler shot at the officers and then ran, Omaha Police Department Police Chief Todd Schmaderer said on Thursday night, adding new details to how the tragedy unfolded.

When officers caught up with Wheeler, he fired again, and the officers returned fire, Schmaderer said. That's when Orozco was hit by one of at least six gunshots that Wheeler fired, he said.

Wheeler was shot multiple times before collapsing in a nearby yard, Schmaderer said, and he was later pronounced dead from a lethal gunshot wound to the chest.

In the audio recordings, sirens can be heard in the background while medics report back that two patients are en route to the hospital.

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert announced a vigil for Orozco at 7 p.m. Monday at St. John’s Catholic Church at Creighton University. Her memorial is planned for Tuesday at 11 a.m. at St. John’s.

The Omaha Police Department has set up a college fund for Olivia that the community can to donate to.

ABC News Videos | ABC Entertainment News

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flySnow/iStock/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- Memorial Day Weekend usually conjures up images of backyard parties, beaches and beer.

But Memorial Day is more than just a three-day weekend marking the unofficial start of summer. It's actually been an official national holiday for over 40 years aimed at remembering those who served in the armed forces.

Here is a brief look at the history behind the holiday and how people are expressing the true meaning of Memorial Day through photos on social media.

A few years after the end of the Civil War, May 30 was established as "Declaration Day" -- a day to decorates veterans' graves with flowers. May 30 may have been the selected day because flowers would be in bloom throughout the country, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website.

In 1971, Memorial Day was officially declared a national holiday and placed on the last Monday in May, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website says.

In December 2000, the president signed into law The National Moment of Remembrance Act.

"The National Moment of Remembrance encourages all Americans to pause wherever they are at 3 p.m. local time on Memorial Day for a minute of silence to remember and honor those who have died in service to the nation," the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website says.

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Courtesy of Jessica Morales (NAPLES, Fla.) -- Jessica Morales, 18, said she was shocked to open her high school yearbook last week to see what she felt is a racially offensive photo depicting the "border patrol" interacting with students in stereotypical costumes.

"It was just really offensive because it kind of belittles the whole issue," Morales told ABC affiliate WFTS-TV in Tampa Bay, Florida, referring to the immigration process that both of her parents are still enduring.

The photo, which was printed on page 96 of the $90 Naples High School yearbook in Naples, Florida, pictured six students dressed in ponchos and sombreros and wearing mustaches, and one student in a shirt labeled "border patrol."

Morales' father, Miguel Morales, told WFTS-TV the image struck him as "really racist," adding, "I've never seen anything like that, I thought it was 2015 and people don't act like that."

However, a senior who said she participated in the initial staged snapshots, but was not involved with the “border patrol” part of the photo presented there, told ABC News that she and her friends were just fooling around and no offense was intended. She said they were dressed in the themed attire in order to represent a Mariachi band for "Twin Day" during their high school's spirit week in October 2014.

"I am Cuban and I don’t find this offensive," said Sophie Wasmer, 18. "Without a doubt, people wouldn't even making these comments if it wasn't because of social media. ... Even girls I sit at lunch with are antagonizing us. If she [Morales] knew that six out of the seven of us were Latino, I don’t think she would’ve done that [complained]."

The Collier County Public School District expressed regret that the photo got through its yearbook vetting process.

"The picture in question is from Naples High School’s Spirit week," the district said in a statement. "The Naples High yearbook staff has a vetting process for which all content is reviewed. If anyone on the yearbook team finds a picture questionable, the yearbook sponsor brings it forward to Naples High Principal Kevin Saba. That regrettably did not happen in this case."

In the statement, Saba added, “We regret if any Golden Eagle student, parent, or community member found it offensive. It was certainly not our intent.”

Wasmer said she was surprised to learn via Twitter that the photo was causing so much controversy.

"It looks like we were 'Crossing the border, being Mexican,' and that’s not how we wanted it interpreted," Wasmer said. "Our intention was never to offend anyone. ... I'm not really angered by it, but I just want to get over it, pretty much. It was just blown out of proportion."

Morales said she hoped to enter into a career that combats what she feels is offensive behavior, such as the yearbook image.

"It would be amazing to do that," Morales told WFTS-TV. "To ... make an impact on the world because there is so much inequality in it. It would be awesome to make a change."

Morales did not immediately respond to ABC News' request for additional comment.

Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.


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Courtesy Michael Armstrong(NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.) -- A sea lion walks into a bar.

This isn't the set-up to a joke, it happened in real life in Newport Beach, California, last week when a pup waddled in to “grab a beverage,” according to manager Sonia Warner.

But the Beach Ball Bar on Balboa Peninsula refused service to the little guy on May 12.

“We’re very careful not to serve alcohol to minors and he clearly wasn’t above the drinking age,” Warner joked.

The bartender and two customers tried to use bar stools to keep the sea lion outside the bar, but Warner said he wandered in and out for almost two hours. “He had a gash on his back and a little eye problem but he was happy doing his own thing,” Warner told ABC News.

The Newport Beach Animal Control workers took the pup to the vet and he was cleared to be released about 35 miles south, in San Clemente.

That didn’t stop him from making it back to Newport Beach the next day.

This time, the Pacific Marine Mammal Center took him in and appropriately named him Beach Ball, Warner said, noting that the center is treating him for an eye infection and “fattening him up.”

Warner went to visit Beach Ball last week and said the center has about 125 sea lion pups they’re taking care of.

“They told me Beach Ball isn’t alone in being a starving pup,” said Warner. “Apparently the water is so warm it’s making the food deeper. The moms are abandoning their pups.”

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center plans to release Beach Ball back to the wild when he’s healthier.

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Metropolitan Police Department(WASHINGTON) — Daron Dylon Wint, the man suspected in a quadruple murder at a Washington, D.C. mansion, was taken into custody on Thursday night, police said.

Wint, 34, was arrested at 11 p.m. on Rhode Island Avenue in Northeast Washington, Metropolitan Police said. He is charged with first degree felony murder while armed. Members of the Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force made the arrest. He is slated to be arraigned Friday.

Wint was named by Metropolitan Police as the suspect in the murders after his DNA was found on the crust of a Domino's pizza that had been delivered to the house, authorities said.

Savvas Savopoulos and his wife Amy, their 10-year-old son Phillip and longtime housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa were found dead on May 14.

Robert Fernandez, Commander of the Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force, says Wint's arrest occurred after officers trailed two vehicles leaving a Maryland hotel. The capture apparently followed a missed opportunity for an arrest.

“We tracked him up to New York City and we barely missed him,” Fernandez said.

“It was a very fluid situation. We were planning on figuring out where he was in the hotel and then taking him down. When we were approaching, we realized he was in a vehicle.”

Investigators believe the home invasion was not random.

"We do believe there is a connection between this suspect in this case through the business," Police Chief Cathy Lanier said.

Savopoulos was the CEO of American Iron Works, which specializes in steel and iron manufacturing. Wint was previously an employee of the company.

Authorities have not ruled out more than one person being involved in the crime.

Following the arrest, the Savopoulos family released a statement, saying, "We are thankful to law enforcement who have worked so diligently to bring about an arrest in this case. While it does not abate our pain, we hope that it begins to restore a sense of calm and security to our neighborhood and to our city. We are blessed to live in a community comprised of close circles of friends who have supported us and grieve with us."

ABC News Videos | ABC Entertainment News

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iStock/Thinkstock(LOS ANGELES) -- Two men from Anaheim, California were arrested Thursday night on terrorism charges, law enforcement sources confirm to ABC News.

The arrests -- one at Los Angeles International Airport and the other in Orange County, California -- were carried out by the Joint Terrorism Task Force and are said to be a part of a wide-ranging investigation into men suspected of planning travel abroad to join ISIS. They come at a time when the FBI has warned of an ISIS social media campaign to recruit followers.

"There are people in the U.S. who go onto these websites and without ever having talked to anybody or met anybody in ISIS, they get converted," says ABC News' counterterrorism consultant Richard Clarke.

Clarke says those American converts are urged to join the fight in Iraq or Syria or kill at home.

In this latest case, there was no known public threat to Southern California.

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WJLA(WASHINGTON) — The man accused of murdering a family and their housekeeper inside their D.C. mansion -- before setting it on fire was caught late Thursday night following a multi-state manhunt that stretched from Maryland to New York City.

"It’s been a very active and busy over 48 hours for us," U.S. Marshal's Commander Robert Fernandez told ABC News.

Daron Wint was named a suspect in the murder of Savvas Savopoulos, his wife Amy, their son Phillip and their housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa, whose bodies were found in the Savopoulos home after it was set on fire May 14.

Here is how it went down:

Pizza Crust

Police did not publicly release Wint's name until a week later, after they were able to positively match trace DNA they found on an uneaten pizza crust left inside the mansion. In the hours before and after the public announcement, the manhunt was on.

Fernandez said that investigators were able to trace the Prince George's County, Maryland, resident to Brooklyn, New York on Wednesday night, but they were too late.

U.S. Marshal's and New York Police Department officers "went to the location, but he had just fled so they barely missed him," Fernandez said.

New York City

NYPD sources told ABC News that they still are not certain that Wint was ever actually in Brooklyn. While police said they did trace his phone to the borough, they have no other evidence except his girlfriend's testimony placing him physically in New York.

While D.C. Police Commissioner Cathy Lanier said she believed he was in Brooklyn at around noon on Thursday, New York investigators later clarified that they were "not confident" with the testimony that initially led them to believe he was there.

Fernandez said the U.S. Marshals moved on and used additional information, though he did not specify what that intelligence was. It ultimately tracked Wint to College Park, Maryland.

"We were able to marry up the information that we were getting from both locations and determined that he was en route back to the D.C. area. We just had to figure out where he was heading," Fernandez said.

Back in Maryland

Authorities placed Wint at a Howard Johnson's and planned to arrest him inside, but Fernandez said plans changed.

"Things are always fluid when you’re trying to find a human body and they’re mobile and before we could get to the hotel, two vehicles left and he was in one of the vehicles," Fernandez said.

The 20 vehicles that law enforcement had near the hotel then began following the two cars as they were driving north along Route 1. Officers were waiting to "take down" the car because they wanted to be certain he was in the vehicle. Right then the cars made "a wacky U-turn" and the Marshals thought they had been "made," Fernandez said.

Apparently they hadn't because the car trail carried on into Washington D.C. until just after 11 p.m. when the arrest was finally made.

"We reached the point where we knew we could take tactically take them down safely so we did without a vehicle pin maneuver on both vehicles and were able to stop them and arrest everybody with not a shot fired," Fernandez said.

Wint was in a car with another man and two women, and two other men were in the second car, authorities said.

None of the others have been publicly identified and it is unknown whether or not they are still in police custody or if they have been arrested.

Wint is due in D.C. Superior Court Friday afternoon for an initial hearing.

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iStock/Thinkstock(ATLANTA) — “You went to bed and woke up stupid this morning, huh?”

That’s what Hashim Fannin said as a would-be carjacker lay flat on the ground with his hands up, a gun pointed squarely to his back.

Fannin said he was pulling into a parking spot at the Family Dollar in northwest Atlanta earlier this month when Edgar Horn, 61, slid into his passenger seat and allegedly said, “You know what this is.”

That’s when Fannin pulled out a small handgun and “asked him to get out of the car, probably not in those exact words,” Fannin recounted.

When police arrived, cell phone video showed Fannin waving police over, then calmly dropping his weapon. One officer even extends a hand in gratitude before tending to the hapless criminal.

“Honestly, I look at it like this. That is one less guy I got to worry about bothering my mom when she’s out grocery shopping,” Fannin told ABC affiliate WSB.

Horn was arrested for attempted robbery and entering an automobile, according to a police report.

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aijohn784/iStock/Thinkstock(OMAHA, Neb.) -- An Omaha police officer was shot and killed Wednesday afternoon while trying to serve a felony warrant to a suspect, according to the Omaha Police Department.

Officer Kerrie Orozco, 29, was scheduled to go on maternity leave Thursday to take care of her daughter, Olivia Ruth, born premature in February, according to authorities. Orozco was a 7-year veteran of the department and had worked in the North Gang Suppression Squad since 2012.

Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmanderer said Orozco and other officers were in pursuit of 26-year-old Marcus D. Wheeler when Wheeler began shooting at police. Police returned gunfire, hitting Wheeler. Orozco and Wheeler were both pronounced dead at Creighton University Medical Center soon after the 1 p.m. shooting, according to Schmanderer at a news conference.

Authorities said Wheeler was a gang member and convicted felon. He had a felony warrant for first-degree assault from a previous shooting in 2014.

“Officer Kerrie Orozco gave her life for all of us in her service to the Omaha Police Department,” said Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert in a statement. “She will be missed and remembered as a loving wife, mother, daughter and dedicated officer.”

The mayor’s office announced on Thursday that flags will be at half-mast through Memorial Day to honor Officer Orozco.

"She was a friend, a popular officer," Schmaderer said. "I just can't even imagine that this has happened. The city of Omaha owes her and her family a debt of gratitude."

Schmanderer said Orozco was very involved with the community and was a Girl Scout mentor, a baseball coach for the Omaha Boys and Girls Club and the president of the Police Officer’s Ball.

The Omaha community is rallying to raise money for Orozco’s husband, two step-children and her newborn daughter.

ABC News Videos | ABC Entertainment News

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ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- Douglas Hughes, the pilot and activist who shocked the country when he landed his gyrocopter on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., last month entered a not guilty plea in court on Thursday to all six charges pending against him, including two felonies.

The charges range from piloting without proper license to violating national defense airspace.

The judge lifted home detention, allowing him to travel within his home county of Hillsborough County, Florida. He will retain his ankle bracelet with GPS to track him. In addition, he may not be in Washington, except for court appearances and meeting with his lawyer. He also may not operate an aircraft and must stay away from the White House and Capitol.

Hughes was supported in the courtroom by several activists sympathetic to his call to get money out of politics.

Hughes told reporters outside, "I accept the consequences of what I did, because I believe it is critical that we return our democracy to the people."

Both Hughes and his lawyer referred to the landing as “civil disobedience.”

He said he is not eager for jail time and would consider a plea.

"I will never do anything like this again,” he said. “But I would not do anything different."

Hughes was presented with a stamp featuring his photo by activists from the group Code Pink whose representatives call Hughes "an American hero."

He is next due in court at on May 27 for a status hearing.

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ABC News(WINDSOR, Colo.) -- The FBI has joined a probe into whether a possible serial shooter is on the loose in rural Colorado after a man was fatally shot while biking on a stretch of road recently.

John Jacoby, 48, was found dead near his bike Monday in Windsor, Colorado. Local authorities, who have since called in agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, said it is the first homicide in Windsor in eight years.

Residents said Jacoby, reportedly a part-time parks worker and grocery store bagger who walked or rode his bike everywhere, was known by many people and loved by all.

A memorial was erected where his body was found. Investigators say they are now looking into whether Jacoby's slaying is linked to a mysterious shooting on a nearby highway in April.

On April 22, Cori Romero, 20, was shot in the neck while driving along Interstate 25 near Fort Collins, Colorado. Romero said initially she didn't think she'd been shot. She thought that her window had been shattered by an unknown object and that glass had punctured her skin.

"You don't really think that something like that would happen to you, just driving home from work," Romero said.

Investigators are now concerned that the two cases could be linked. In recent weeks, several other cars, including a sheriff's jail van, also have had windows blown out. It wasn't clear whether gunfire was the cause. The news has residents on edge, though.

"I think obviously people are going to be concerned when they hear of something like this, especially with two incidents within a relatively close proximity to each other," said David Moore, a spokesman for the Larimer County sheriff.

The Pelican Fest Triathlon that was originally scheduled for the weekend in Windsor has been canceled. The organizer posted on Facebook that it was not comfortable with the potential risk. Meanwhile, there are heightened patrols on the interstate and investigators are hoping for a break.

"It would be extremely helpful if we could get a citizen to come forward," Moore said.

Police say they have no suspects.

ABC News Videos | ABC Entertainment News

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ABC News(NEW YORK) -- It's that time of year again. Time to dust off the barbecue and replace coats with bathing suits. Memorial Day weekend is finally here, the unofficial start of summer.

Warm sunshine is expected on both coasts, which is great news for the beaches, but that isn't the case for the plain states, the Midwest and central parts of the country.

The East Coast will see temperatures climb throughout the weekend from Florida to New Jersey.

By Monday, some spots could reach the mid- to upper-80s in the Mid-Atlantic states. New England will be a bit milder, with highs topping out in the 60s and 70s. Dry weather is on tap for much of the coast, with a bright mix of sun and clouds -- great beach weather.

Out West, more sunshine and warm temperatures, especially for Southern California and the Southwest. The Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies could see some wet weather throughout the weekend. Scattered showers with mostly cloudy skies are expected with cooler temperatures in the 60s.

The main trouble area for the weekend is across the plain states and the Midwest, where scattered thunderstorms, some severe, will threaten the area each day of the holiday weekend, and could put a damper on any outdoor activities. Large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes are possible from the Southern Plains to the Midwest, mainly in the afternoon and evening hours from Saturday through Monday.

A bigger concern with these storms will be the potential for significant flooding over the weekend, especially in parts of Texas and Oklahoma. Texas was in an exceptional drought the past 3 to 5 years, and with these recent rains this month they are finally seeing some relief. But all of this rain so fast is causing dangerous flash flooding.

In Oklahoma City, they've already received nearly 14 inches this month, and with more rain on the way, May 2015 will likely go down as the wettest month on record there.

From Texas to Oklahoma, flash flood watches are posted through the holiday weekend for an additional three to six inches of rain. On top of already saturated ground, this could become a life-threatening flood situation, and anyone with outdoor plans should pay attention to severe and flash flood warnings in their area.

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Al Seib/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images(SANTA BARBARA, Calif.) — Two days after a ruptured pipeline leaked an estimated 21,000 gallons of oil off the California shore, wildlife — including pelicans — have been found coated in oil on the beach.

At least one bird was found dead even as teams from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife combed the area looking for injured animals. According to the department at least 272 people are taking part in the clean-up effort.

On Facebook the California Office of Spill Prevention and Response said they have sent at least five pelicans to rehabilitation centers.

The oil leak was first reported around noon on Tuesday in southern California. The pipeline was built in 1991 by Houston-based Plains All American Pipeline, which said it shut down the flow of oil.

"Plains deeply regrets this release has occurred and is making every effort to limit its environmental impact,” the company said in an earlier statement.

A day after the spill, oil could be seen on nearly every rock in Refugio as crews worked to clean up the area. Further south along the coast, one beach was nearly covered with crude oil Wednesday before it apparently was washed to sea before Thursday morning. The pungent crude oil smell lingered in the area as crew members in white suits worked on Rufugio beach to clean the area.

The Refugio state beach is often packed with campers during Memorial Day weekend, but will now be closed indefinitely as crews operate to clean that beach and other coastlines.

Officials said there's a potential that far more oil leaked into the Pacific ocean through the faulty pipeline with a worst case scenario at 105,000 gallons.

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Obtained by ABC News(CAPE COD, Mass.) — A rogue wave slammed into a boat carrying students on a whale watching trip off of Massachusetts Wednesday, sending eight to the hospital.

The boat — the Captain John & Son II — was carrying 112 people, all part of a high school group from New York, when it was struck by a wave, according to ABC-affiliated station WCVB-TV. The students on the 76-foot boat were whale watching off of Cape Cod.

“Everyone went sliding down because no one was holding on,” student Marisa Kehley said. “I was terrified. I didn’t think that waves that big could hit a boat.”

The wave, as high as eight feet, combined with 20-knot winds to create conditions so rough that some of the passengers on board the boat passed out.

Emergency crews were waiting when the boat reached the dock, and eight people were taken to an area hospital, many of them suffering cuts and bruises. All of the students were later released from the hospital.

The situation had some students fearful of going back on the water.

“I never want to go on another whale watch again,” Kehley said. “I didn’t think that the ocean was going to be that bad.”

ABC News Videos | ABC Entertainment News

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