Event Calendar

Rifle River Recreation Area

Activities this week at Rifle River Recreation Area of Lupton:

-Wednesday, June 13th-2pm: Rot Trot at Explorer Forest Ring; 5pm Mystery Mammal at Explorer Guide Fire Ring

-Thursday, June 14th-1pm: Fish Frenzy at Explorer Fire Ring; 3pm Sensory Hike at Pintail Pond Trail

-Friday, June 15th-2pm: Oh Deer! at Explorer Fire Ring; 5pm Bats Amazing at Fire Ring

-Saturday, June 16th-2pm: Identifish at Grousehaven Beach; 7pm Fishing at Grebe Lake Fishing Dock

-Sunday, June 17th-3pm: A Foxy Program at the Explorer Fire Ring 9pm Owl Prowl at Pintail Pond

For more information call 473-2258.

Northeast Academy Of Dance

From 7:00PM to n/a

The Northeast Academy of Dance presents "In Motion" in the Mary Ann Bartels Auditorium at Oscoda High School on River Road:


-Saturday, June 16th 7pm

-Sunday, June 17th 7pm


Tickets  at the door. Adults $13, Seniors $11, students $6. For more information call 739-7955. 

East Tawas Knights Of Columbus Bingo

From 6:30PM to n/a

at the Knights Of Columbus #2799 on Newman Street in East Tawas